What factors contribute to weight gain

Why are we getting fatter?

You may of asked yourself at some point have I put on weight why am I getting fat!

It is estimated that over the last 40 years Britain has started to get fatter!

The fact is that as a country we are a lot less active and we have been eating to much fatty and sugary foods.and not doing enough physical activity!

It’s a fact that the body gains weight when we take in to many calories that exceed what the body needs for physical activity.

If you have ever attempted dieting seriously and been unsuccessful then you should go for a physical examination.which would find out possible hormonal or metabolic problems.occasionally people do have hormonal or glandular disorders such as a under active thyroid.but generally the ordinary person who eats to much will lose weight if a regular low calorie diet is followed!

It is essential that for any diet to be successful the person on the diet must be enjoying it.you should actually not feel like you are on a diet at all!

It is not true or there are no facts to suggest that people are supposed to be fat or thin.like other characteristics such as personality, physical or mental abilities.how a person turns out is a combination of the nature-nurture factors

The natural element is the genetics inherited from our parents and the environment we find our selfs in and the lifestyle we lead

There are four factors which influence weight gain.

The first two are influenced by human intervention the second two are programmed into our bodies, but there is some evidence that we can influence the factors

1) the amount of food we consume
This is one of the decisive factors as to whether or not there is weight gain

It is important to note ‘how much? Thai doesn’t mean how much in weight or quantity but how much in terms of calories of food energy

Most of the energy we get from food is used as fuel for normal body functions and physical activity the energy in measured in kilocalories also know as calories

The amount of energy required varies from person to person if your doing a manual labour job you may require 3.500 calories per day

While if your a office worker or a typist you would require less than 2.000 calories per day

About two thirds of these calories is used to keep the body functioning.energy is provided for vital organs the heart lungs brain liver kidneys.maintaining body temperatures and for growth the amount of energy used to keep essential functions of the body is termed the BMR basal metabolic rate

The remaining calories provide energy for physical activity whether it is manual labour, housework sports or exercise medical researches have found that how few calories many people burn up and over the amount of energy needed to maintain bodily functioning the complicating factor is the BMR

We all know that one person who eats huge amounts of food and stays slim.research has shown that some people burn more calories than others of equal weight even when doing the same amount of exercise and the same amount of rest. However the BMR does not have to be static the correct type of exercise can speed up the system increasing the BMR

It has been found that as a person starts to diet BMR may go down.this is because the body tries to conserve energy.the digestive process itself requires 10% of the calories consumed and a very low calorie diet can produce a 15% drop in BMR the body responds to starvation by slowing down the vital process (the less is eaten) the less the work the body does

It is important to combine exercise and a gradual reduction in calories rather than a starvation regime BMR increases in response to increased physical activity

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