What would the caveman do?

What would the cavemen do? I ask this question because during the time of the caveman when they were hungry they couldn’t just go to the cupboard or fridge and have a nice bag of crisps or a nice chocolate bar!

What I’m getting at is that if we swap our comfort foods for what was available to the caveman then we will eat healthy and also not consume less calories.

Just to give you a idea of how much crips may impact your waistline here are some stats

1 bag of walkers salt and vinegar crisps everyday of the week would total 1.288 calories a week and 81.2 grams of fat each week.this totals to 3,897.6 grams of fat a year which is shocking!

The yearly calorie intake of 1 bag of crisps a day for the year is 61.824!

That’s shocking I hear you say well why not swap your crisps for something healthy and low in calories?

Strawberries for example.if you ate a cup of strawberries everyday of the week you would only consume 322 calories a week and that totals to 15.456 per year!

What I’m trying to put across is that if you change your habits of eating you will in turn become healthy and lose pounds of the waistline!

So swap your crips in your lunchbox for something healthy like fruit or nuts and always think what would the caveman do?

Thanks for taking the time to view!


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